We arrived in Ensenada de Los Muertos in the dark, at about 4am and dropped hook at about 24°19.271 N / 110° 19.937 W with about 3 other boats. Ensenada de Los Muertos means ‘Cove of the Dead’. Not exactly an appealing name. It has since been renamed for tourism purposes to ‘Ensenada de Los Sueños’ – ‘Bay of Dreams’. Just a tad nicer. Apparently, the original name comes from the ‘dead man’ mooring system (pilings in the bay that you tie up to) they used to tie their barges to when this bay housed an active silver mine. The mine has since been closed down, but you can still see its remains beside the restaurant here.

Bloom at anchor in Muertos

We ended up spending a week in Muertos as we loved it so much! It was sunny and warm and the ‘Beach Restaurant’ (used to be ‘The Giggling Marlin’) is just a quick paddle to shore. The food is good and well-priced and the owners are super-friendly. You’re sure to meet other cruisers while visiting as well! There is also a gorgeous white sand beach you can walk along for ages here.

The Beach Club restaurant

We walked all the way down to the other end of the bay, which boasts the ‘Gran Sueños Resort’. A deluxe resort with only 25 rooms- all of them decked to the nines in comfort and luxury. Cruisers are welcome to the restaurant here and this restaurant is not to be missed! Cheap beer and great food entitles you to use their infinity pool and outdoor shower as well as their snorkeling gear and WiFi if you like! How sweet is that?! Inside the restaurant, upstairs there is a massive display of model trains, some of which are tootin’ their way around the restaurant. There is also a original 1980’s video game machine with ‘Pacman’ and ‘Galaga’ that doesn’t need quarters. Yup- killed some time on that one. LOL. What a great way to spend the day!

Carson at the Gran Suenos Resort

Enjoying the waterslide at the restaurant’s pool!!

Hard to believe we are only a 35 minute drive from La Paz. Which reminds us, it is time to keep heading North. Cerralvo Channel is our next hurdle- one of the best kite boarding locations in the world. See if you can guess why….? Stay tuned…

Lisa paddleboarding to shore

Connectivity: The beach restaurant has free WiFi that works well. If you go grab lunch and a beer, you can ask them for their WiFi password. We were able to connect to their network from our boat, which made working super easy! There is extremely spotty cell reception in the bay here (read: can’t make calls but once in a while an email might come in) However, if you go to shore and follow the signs to the ‘Mesquite Tree’ you can make a call there and get okay reception. I ended up making a call from the boat via Skype, which worked okay but cut out after several minutes.

Tips: If you need a few groceries while here, the restaurant owners are happy to sell you a few things or even pick up a few items for you at the store when they venture in. So sweet 😉

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