What’s Onboard

Checkout all of the gear we’ve got onboard and can’t live without! Thanks to those who purchase any of these items through their links as well, as Amazon recognizes us for that. 😉 Fair Winds!


The bible of the Sea of Cortez, this is by far the best guidebook available for this area.
Another 'must have' when it comes to cruising in Mexico's pacific waters.
Another good guidebook for Mexico, we refer to this book often as well.
We have this book onboard as well and it has good information in it but find it to be more outdated and less detailed/graphic than the Shawn and Heather's books to the left
If you are cruising in Mexico and are not fluent in Spanish, this book is a must- have. It has all kinds of 'boating' lingo that we refer to on a regular basis. A great book to study before coming to Mexico as well.
A great reference guide while cruising down the coast of the USA from Victoria to San Diego. Lots of great info in here.
Although not as up-to-date as it could be, this is a great reference guide for cruising Pacific USA and it is nice to compare between this book and the 'Exploring' book to the left.
Very informative guidebook that has been studied, but not used yet. Central America is in our 2019 plans!

Galley Gear

Love, love, love these nesting utensils! I keep them on the galley counter and secure them with shock cord when underway. Huge space saver!
These air-tight spice jars fit nicely in a cupboard and spin for easy access to your spices.
Folds flat when not in use for easy storage and is very sharp, so it does a 'grate' job 😉
LOVE these nesting bowls and use them daily. A great way to save space and have all the essentials!
We use this on all night passages to make tea for the helmsman. It keeps beverages hot (or cold!) for hours. Vacuum sealed and double-wall insulated, this hydroflask is top-notch.
Expensive, but oh-so-useful. This pan gets used almost daily and really heats evenly. If you take care of it, it will last you for a lifetime.
A fantastic way to make delicious coffee with very little clean up. We pair it with these reusable metal filters to save space, money and the environment: Set of 3 Pro Reusable Filters for AeroPress Coffee Maker
Hand-powered, so it saves on electricity, this coffee grinder is easy to use and does a great job grinding your beans to whatever consistency you like.
Folds flat for easy storage and pops open ready to whisk when you need it. A fantastic space saver!
Love Le Creuset products. This kettle has been fantastic and I love the pop of color it adds to the galley.
If you have the space for it, a nice big stock pot is a must. I love the Caribbean turquoise color of this one.
This gets nearly daily use. It requires no power and is easy to clean! A fun way to get kids to help out in the galley too. Just pull the crank and it chops!

Fun Stuff

This fun addition to Bloom gets the most use of anything. It is SO easy to store (about the size of a duffel bag) and inflates in about 5 minutes. We want to add another one to our stash!
Currently in the Sea of Cortez, we love these floats! You can use them as a chair, ride them like or horse or lay on them like a hammock. PLUS they take up next to no space. Each one folds to about the size of a book.
Love the perspective that standing up gives when looking down into the water. You can see so much and it is fantastic exercise as well!
These are SO great to bring to the beach to keep everyone off the hot sand and comfortable too! We even inflate it and bring it inside Bloom to provide extra comfy seating for movie nights.
We attach this between the mast and the headsail for a great place to relax and gently rock with the boat. It fits 2 people, so is super fun for cozying up.

Laundry Time

Holds over 6 gallons of water and folds flat for storage. So many more uses than just laundry- but it is my favourite use!
A little goes a long way. These all-natural soap nuts are good for over 400 loads and come with a free sample of their liquid soap as well. Highly recommend these as they last for ages and also don't take up much space.
The head on this washing wand really grabs the clothes better than any other washing agitator. Does a great job cleaning!
These plastic clothes pegs have the best 'clamping' power without having to buy those big spring-loaded clamps. They hold well and are cheap!
These take a little practice to hold and scrub with but they work well and are really small!
Each 8oz bottle is good for 96 loads!! This all-natural, organic laundry soap is totally ocean-safe and does a great job cleaning your clothes while taking up barely any space onboard.

Summer Gear

LOVE these cooling towels! Soak them in salt or fresh water, give them a 'snap' and drape over your shoulders, around your waste, neck, head, you name it! They really do work. I like to lay the entire towel over me when trying to sleep on those hot, muggy nights.
These fans are rechargeable and can be moved around where you need them. They also tip up or down to direct air flow and even have a USB port to charge up a phone if needed!
A huge water-saver, the Aquabot has two settings- mist and jet spray. We salt-water wash our dishes and then rinse them with the Aquabot to save on fresh water. Great for rinsing dirt on the deck, dog's paws.... you name it!
Beat the heat with these personal sized misting fans!
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