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Getting Internet on a Boat! The Cruiser’s WiFi Dilemna

Let’s face it. It’s an online world these days! Cruisers are constantly looking for ways to get internet access when away from the dock (and sometimes when they are still tied to the dock!). We hope we have found the solution. As we run a business from our... read more

Bloom’s Anchor Dilemna: Fitting a Rocna on a Bavaria

Ground Tackle Upgrades on Bloom A Heavier Anchor As part of our pre-Mexico offshore preparedness, we decided it was important to upgrade our anchor. Bloom came with a 16KB/35LB Lewmar Delta anchor. For a 40-foot boat, we knew we wanted a heavier anchor and preferably... read more

Bloom Crew’s Top 12 Cool Boat Gadgets

Cool Stuff, Hot Gadgets and Snazzy Things that Make Life on a Boat Easier. Affiliate disclaimer- purchases made through the Amazon links within this post give the Bloom Crew a little referral credit which helps us keep our blog alive!   #1 Luci Lights These... read more

Pointing Our Bow South… Victoria to La Paz

So, after living on a boat in the Pacific North West during wintertime, most boaters begin to dream about sunshine, surf and warm waters. We are not exempt from this dream. For those of you who are not familiar with the climate in the Pacific North West, it is VERY... read more

5 Reasons Our Family Loves Living On A Boat

Well, we’ve been living on our boat for 14 months now, so felt it was a good time to share with you all of the things we love about it! #1 The Simple Life One word- minimalism. It is something we have completely embraced and something that living on a boat... read more

Transitioning from House to Boat

Moving from a house to a boat is not easy, but it IS extremely rewarding. Never again do we have to clean a garage, dust endless shelves of knick knacks or empty the dishwasher. Life has become completely simplified! We are big fans of Joshua Becker’s blog... read more

The Hunt Is On: finding our new boat and moving onboard

Now that we had the house sold, we needed to find a boat -and pretty pronto at that! We accepted the buyer’s offer on September 13, 2014 and had to be out by November 13th. That gave us two months to find a boat that would also be our new home. As some of you... read more

Everything Must Go! Time to Sell the House

In April of 2014, we decided that we wanted to live on a boat. At that point, we weren’t sure which boat, but the sea was calling us and the simplistic life of minimalism and low carbon footprint made a lot of sense to us. We spent so much time on board anyhow,... read more

How it All Began

It all started in 2013 when we got wind of a boat that someone was ‘giving’ away. It was a 24 foot San Juan sailboat and we went to see it that April. The days prior to actually seeing it, we started getting excited at the idea of a sailboat. We lived in... read more

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