Family Sailing Adventures

Wake Each Day Excited to Bloom in a New Way

from land to sea, follow our family afloat and our epic journeys

Leg 9: Sailing from San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico

Initially, we were going to do a night sail from San Diego to Ensenada. It is about 60 nautical miles and with the days shortening and the recent time change for daylight savings time, we knew it would be impossible to do the entire trip during the daylight hours. So,... read more

Leg 8: Avalon to San Diego

We left Avalon Harbour at sunset on Oct 28th for a night sail into San Diego. We planned it this way as it was about 62 nautical miles and we wanted to arrive during the daylight hours. Apparently, San Diego has a huge pocket of kelp that accumulates at the entrance... read more

Leg 7: Long Beach to Avalon Bay, Santa Catalina Island

We got up early and set sail from Alamitos Bay to Avalon Bay on Santa Catalina Island. It was about 25 nautical miles and was an absolutely beautiful day to be on the water. We managed to get some and sail part of the trip as well- how about that!? We were greeted by... read more

Sailing South, Leg 3: San Francisco to Monterey

We pulled out of Emery Cove Marina on September 10th and headed out of the shallow waters that are San Francisco Bay towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Passing Alcatraz, Bloom pushed forward towards dozens of other sailboats gliding across the bay. Under the bridge we... read more

Road Trip: San Francisco to Crescent City

After much contemplation as to how to get our dog, Ruby back from Gramma’s in Washington, (she lovingly doggysat our girl while we sailed down the rough part of the West coast) we decided to make a road trip out of it. Turns out none of us could bear putting her... read more

Sailing South, Leg 2: Newport to San Francisco

After several days in Newport, there were quite a few¬†other boats moored around us that had all bottlenecked in Newport Marina on their journeys South as well. We got to know several of them as well as a delivery captain on an 80′ power boat. It was great to... read more

Sailing South, Leg 1: Neah Bay to Newport

We arrived in Neah Bay on August 1st after a long, 12.5 hour journey from Port Angeles in conditions that did not permit us to sail. Our friends on sv Muskoka had just arrived in Neah Bay as well, so we got a much-needed rest and the next day, the Muskoka crew... read more

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